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Disaster Help Network is a non-governmental platform that connects blighted areas with verified vendors/service providers in a Safe and Secure Environment.

Mobile Home Services

For all your mobile home leveling and moving needs at an affordable price.

Flushing and Vacuum Services

Are you experiencing drainage issues?  At great rates, you can get your drains working again with no harm done to your pipes or drains.

Stump Grinding Services

If there’s a tree stump cluttering your lawn and your life, get it removed today!

Tree Removal Services

If there’s a tree in your way that you’re not prepared to cut down, have it taken care of ASAP!

RV Rentals

Whether you’re going on a job, or just need a place to stay, we have just the solution!

Claim Reassessment

If your Insurance settlement doesn’t cover your damages, we can provide assistance with no out of pocket expense.

Fraud Prevention Services

While they might look the same, there are CRITICAL DIFFERENCES between a license contractor and a fraudulent or unlicensed one.  Recognizing these differences can save you significant stress, time, money, and legal hassle.

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Mobile Home Services

Flushing and vacuuming

Tree Removal Services

Stump Grinding

 RV Rentals


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