Security – Safety – SURVIVAL

Most people don’t have a clue about what is happening behind the scenes today on a global level.

The following scenario is not to frighten anyone but to realize what we are acceptable to at any time.


6 things you should have available at all times in our current environment?

• Solar-powered backup power for lights and appliances.
• Enough food for you and your family to survive for at least 30 days.
• A water purifier
• Basic medical emergency kit.
• Large-capacity fire extinguisher
• Personal protection (even if it’s just pepper spray or a stun gun)

When each person in your household has a 3-Month Emergency Food Supply, you’ll be better prepared for:

Extended power loss, power rations, or cyber attacks
Terrorist attacks
Natural disasters
Job loss or economic collapse
Breaks in the supply chain
Outbreaks and mandated quarantines
World war

Survival Packages

Minimal Credit Required

First Aid Kit

For Medical Emergencies

Personal Protection

Protect Your Family

Portable A/C – Heat

Keep Cool

Solar Powered Generator

Keep The Lights On



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